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When updating your interior, selecting the correct carpet is an important decision. It’s not something you’ll be wanting to change for years to come, so it’s important to choose the carpet that’s right for your lifestyle, as well as your budget.
Prices of carpet differ drastically. This is mainly dependent on the fibres that are used to construct different carpets. The composition affects both the softness and durability and can be the difference between a carpet that lasts for a couple of years, and one that will last for decades. Considerations around where the carpet will be placed in the home and how much foot traffic it will endure are key to making the right choice.

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are strong and durable. Since they are made using natural material, they are naturally resilient to stains and will stand the test of time. provided they are well cared for, the pile of a wool carpet will not flatten and they will last for years. This quality does come at a cost, and 100% wool carpets can be a more costly option.
80/20 carpets are particularly popular. This is a wool mix carpet, made of 80% wool and 20% of another fibre (such as nylon) – see below for further information.
Wool carpets come in a variety of styles and designs from patterned and plain to loop pile or twist. Twist carpets are made from twisted fibres in either a plain or heathered finish. They come in different densities which also affect the price – the more fibres there are in each twist will increase the weight of the carpet and therefore the cost. They are durable and practical making them great for busy areas in the home.
Loop pile carpets are usually made from 100% wool. Made from either a flat weave, level loop or multi-level loop pile, these carpets are great if you’re looking to add a textured and rustic feel to your home. Made from uncut loops of yarn they are great for high traffic areas due to their hard-wearing properties.
In our opinion, a wool carpet will always be a worthwhile investment.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene is a manmade fibre and offers a multitude of benefits. If you’re after a soft touch, deeper pile carpet, it will most likely be made of this material. In comparison to wool, polyproylene carpets are a less costly option, although they are not as robust and long-lasting. However, they are stain resistant and many are also bleach cleanable, so when looked after they can stay looking good for years to come.
These can be a popular option for bedrooms and lounges, but you may want to consider a more durable alternative for higher traffic areas such as stairs, landings and hallways.

Nylon/ Polymide Carpets

These highly durable and strong fibres are usually blended with wool fibres for an even more robust carpet. These wool mix carpets are one of the most popular options for high traffic areas and are guaranteed to last. They are stain resistant and the pile will stay looking as good as new, even after years of wear.


Sisal is a natural fibre from renewable sources, making for an environmentally friendly option. Naturally golden in colour, it can look stunning in all living environments from traditional to contemporary. Thanks to its natural appeal, it has become extremely popular over the last decade and is favoured by interior enthusiasts looking for an alternative to a traditional carpet. It is highly durable and can usually be laid in all areas of the home including stairs and landings.
A carpet can be a pricey investment and it can be tricky to get a real sense of colour from a tiny swatch. You can usually pay a deposit to bring home a swatch of larger samples from our Worcester showroom to try them out in situ to get a sense of how they’ll look and feel in the entire room.
We have a huge range of carpets in store in our Worcester showroom for you to browse and our team will be on hand if you need any advice. We look forward to welcoming you in store!

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