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Engineered wood floors are the perfect choice to add timeless elegance and a classic finish to your project. A high quality engineered wood floor will last for years to come and will look at home in both traditional or contemporary environments. So whether you’re after a rustic, textured finish or a smooth clean plank you’ll be sure to find a wooden floor that’s right for you.

Caring For Your New Engineered Wood Floor

Wooden floors are a highly practical option for the home environment. Here are our wood floor care tips to help you maintain your new floor and keep it looking its best.

Ditch the Mop

Although it can be tempting to get out the mop, ensure that you keep mopping to a minimum and only ever use a very dry, wrung out mop. Soaking your engineered wood floor with water should always be avoided since it will cause lasting damage.

Mop up Spillages

For the reasons above, always make sure that you mop up any spillages immediately and don’t allow water to seep into the surface of the floor.

Remove the Stilettos

As wood is a natural material, stiletto heals can cause compression marks in some wooden floors. Similarly, you should make sure to protect your new wood floor from furniture. Use self-adhesive felt pads on the legs of tables and chairs, and never drag furniture across the wood without first placing protective matting underneath.

Invest in an Entrance Mat

To avoid grit and other abrasive materials from spreading across a wooden floor, it’s always a good idea to place a protective mat at each entrance to the property. Clean pets paws before they enter and encourage guests to remove their footwear to extend the life of a new engineered wood floor.

UV Rays

Different species of wood react to sunlight in different ways. A light oak wooden floor will darken over time when exposed to the sun, whereas darker American Walnuts will gradually turn more golden. In rooms that have large windows with a lot of sun exposure throughout the day, consider rearranging your furniture or keeping the curtains closed whilst you’re out. This will ensure that the colour remains even across the floor throughout its lifetime.

We hope you find our wood floor care tips useful! Remember we have a huge range of engineered wood floors in our Worcester store and available to buy from our Solihull Flooring Store. Pop in to see us!

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